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We will be sharing practical tips and IT advice on our DCS blog to help manage your technology and keep your business secure. If there are any topics you would like to include in our blog or any advice you need, then please email us your ideas.

York Pass, York Chocolate Story, York Maze, Visit York, Make it York
New York experiences with York Pass

Being more than half way through the Summer aka – the rainy holidays, I was looking forward to spending my 2 days off with my girls Sophie (9 and a very important half!) and Phoebe (8). Having checked the weather forecast my best chance of a dry day was going to be the Tuesday and […]

Cloud backup, back up, Amber Vault
Choosing a cloud backup provider to protect your business

When it comes to choosing a cloud backup provider there is a myriad of options on offer but what should you be looking for? There are a number of points that you need to consider before making the leap and trusting another company to look after your data. How will they look after your data? […]

Microsoft End of Life 2020
Microsoft End of Life Dates

14th January 2020 is a key date at Microsoft with several products becoming End of Life. If you are still using Windows 7 in your organisation or at home, then it’s time to think about upgrading to Windows 10.  January 2020 sees the end of support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Exchange 2010. […]

Timesheets, employee time recording
Are employee timesheets about to change?

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that European Union (EU) member states must require employers to measure the duration of time worked by each employee, both normal hours and overtime, to ensure staff are not working beyond the legal maximum number of hours, and that they receive stipulated daily and […]

DCS Spring Conference 2019, emerald Headingley Stadium
DCS Spring Conference 2019

On a wonderfully sunny Spring morning, a team of DCS staff and a group of exhibitors made their way through the streets of Headingley to the Emerald Headingley Stadium for this year’s annual Spring Conference. It was an incredibly proud moment to be the first business hosting an event there, following the spectacular £40m stadium […]

Phishing, cybersecurity
Phishing Attacks

We often get calls from customers checking the validity of strange emails, usually they turn out to be a Phishing or SPAM email. Protection from Cyber-attacks, Phishing or SPAM emails is an ever evolving game of catch up,  DCS can supply and configure various defences including :- Everycloud, a cloud based Anti-Spam package ESET Anti-virus, […]

Emerald suite, Headingley stadium, DCS SPRING CONFERENCE
Where you need to be on 21st May

This year’s annual Spring Conference will take place at the new, world-class Emerald Stadium at Headingley on Tuesday 21st May.  DCS will be hosting the first business event in the ground-breaking Emerald suite, which is the only suite in the world to overlook two magnificent stadia! As well as the opportunity to be one of the […]

Windows end of support 2020, Windows 7, Server 2008, Exchange 2010
Microsoft announce end of support

14th January 2020 is a key date at Microsoft with several products becoming End of Life. If you are still using Windows 7 in your organisation or at home, then it’s time to think about upgrading to Windows 10.  January 2020 sees the end of support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Exchange […]

Passwords, Password Tips, Password Security
Forget passwords, use passphrases!

Our support team people are regularly trying to encourage people to strengthen their passwords. Why? Because the chances of you becoming a victim of a cybercrime are significantly reduced when the whole organisation is protected by strong passwords.  I’m sure we sound like a broken record. DCS now recommend that in order make sure your […]

Cyber Security Workshop 2018
DCS Cyber Security Workshop 2018

Very aptly in Cybersecurity Month, the DCS IT Security Workshop was held yesterday at Boston Lodge, where together with a group of DCS customers and some colleagues, we were brought up to date with the latest cyber threats that we are being bombarded with daily. To prove a point, earlier that day, Sky News had […]

cloud accounts. cloud accounting, exchequer accounts
DCS offers Cloud accounting software

DCS joins reseller network for new Cloud offering. We are delighted to announce that we have strengthened our Cloud technology portfolio following a new appointment to act as a reseller for Advanced.  We have joined the Advanced TruePartner programme which is designed to reward resellers for their Cloud-first strategy, ensuring it provides the training, skills […]

Cybersecurity, Cyber workshop, IT security
An onion with holes…

What on earth is that and what’s it got to do with my organisation and me?         Well, everything I’d say. Let me explain; I heard a security guard on a site I was visiting recently, explain his frustration in trying to keep trespassers out on an evening as “like an onion with holes” when asked […]

Cloud, backup, Amber Vault, offsite backup, on-lineback up
Up in the clouds with Adam

Hello, my name is Adam Findlay and I am the new Cloud Services Manager here at DCS. Having worked for DCS for 12 years now and in the I.T. industry since I was 18, I have witnessed many changes taking place; most notably the mass adoption of virtualisation around 8 years ago and the recent […]

Time, Absences, projects & Expenses Software

Where does TAPE come from and why did we need it? There is an old English proverb that says ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and that was certainly the case when I decided that it was time to move away from a process of recording the company timesheets in Excel spreadsheets. The old method […]

Spreadsheet solutions to save time
Making I.T. work better part 2!

Spending too much time manipulating spreadsheets? When doing a system review for a client, it was mentioned that they spent a few days every month just manipulating price list spreadsheets that came in from suppliers. Columns had to be adjusted and re-sequenced and then margins and/or discounts applied before they were able to be imported […]

Make it York
Make It York Annual Review 2017/2018

York is what we make it… Once again DCS were honoured to be asked to attend the MIY Annual Review taking place at The Principle Hotel in York, a venue which was made even more beautiful & impressive by the glorious sunshine that also put in an appearance. The teams at The Principle Hotel and […]

Cybersecurity DCS Top 5 Tips
Cyber-Security! DCS 5 Top Tips…

So we all know Cyber-crime is an ongoing threat, part of our daily lives that will not be going away. It seems, not a day goes by without reading yet another headline of another organisation you really would not expect to be hit, being the latest victim. At the very least leaving their company name […]

Bespoke programming, customer service software
Making I.T. work better!

How to deliver a unique and better service to your customers and reduce pressure on your customer service An existing client in the manufacturing sector casually mentioned the burgeoning demands being placed on his customer service team. They were being inundated with queries by phone, fax and email from customers requiring information on the status […]

MS Office Quicksteps
Quicksteps – how it can improve your life!

Recently, I have discovered in Microsoft Outlook, a feature  – Quicksteps! Now whilst I wouldn’t go as far as to say it has changed my life, it has certainly taken a load off. So what is Quicksteps? Quicksteps is a feature in Outlook that allows you to automate common Outlook tasks. The first time I […]

Chris Lord DCS director
What if my Internet went off????

Not having an internet connection in 2018 is like having no gas, water or electricity to the building. In fact, I think we would cope better if the gas, water or electric did go off rather than if the internet went off! Perhaps as a business (or a home) we should give more thought to […]

DCS Spring Conference 2018

DCS Spring Conference at Rudding Park Hotel, 24th April 2018 For one day only this spring you have the opportunity to come and see the DCS team in this multi award winning hotel, hear some of the UK’s leading Keynote Speakers and get to chat to a variety of other exhibitors that have the business […]

Pegasus Opera II Payroll EOL
Pegasus Opera II Payroll End of Life

Pegasus Software announcement to the end of life for Opera II Payroll. Pegasus can no longer justify the investment in updating Opera II payroll every year. As a result, they have taken the decision that Opera II Payroll will be updated for the last time in the February 2018 release, which will allow processing in […]

Whi I chose Opera 3 accounts software
Why I would choose Pegasus Opera 3

Krys Bialkowska is our software support manager and has over 20 years of installing, training and supporting various versions of Pegasus accounting software, from Senior through Opera; Opera II and now Opera 3.  As a DCS advocate for this software and one of its best ambassadors, I asked her why she thinks Opera 3 is […]

R&D tax relief, Research and development
I don’t think we do R&D… or do we?

This is what many companies think when they are asked about whether they claim for the research and development tax credit.  R&D is not all about people in white coats working in labs; development work in design and engineering that overcome difficult problems qualifies. For example; a construction company undertakes R&D to improve the life […]

Get I.T. FIT in 2018 with DCS

So another year is upon us, even quicker than the last some may say, but as the fireworks on the Thames become a distant memory here we are at the start of 2018. Like so many people I take time to stop and think about what I would like to improve on over the next […]

ann siddons retirement
Farewell to Ann

I started working at DCS at the beginning of September 1989, when my youngest child Jonathan started school. DCS was then located just off Street Lane in Leeds, halfway between my house and the school so it was perfect.  I worked in the Maintenance department, which at the time consisted of Andrew Tones and 2 […]

Merry Christmas!

Everyone here at Deans Computer Services would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It’s business as usual here, with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day when we will be closed. See our full Christmas card by clicking the link in ‘Read more’ […]

Snowed in

Don’t lose days of productivity and sales due to bad weather and traffic chaos. Planning is the key, don’t wait until the bad weather comes Working from home Make sure you know how to remotely access your e-mails and applications before your unplanned snow day arrives. Ensure you know have a secure record of all […]

The Great British Expos, North West

The Great British Expos North West   Myself and DCS Chairman Peter Rogerson crossed over the border to visit our red rose friends one early Thursday morning, late November, to exhibit at the impressive Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City. It was very well attended with exhibitors and delegates, with a variety of […]

IT security ransomware contracts
Scam email warning signs

It is now more important than ever to take cyber security extremely seriously in order to prevent an attack. As cybercriminals up their game and catch even the most vigilant of individuals via various spoofed emails, take a look at these scam email warning signs, which you and your employees should be looking out for […]

Cyber security phishing
Nine Q’s to ask Security Awareness Training Providers

A quick google search will show there are numerous companies offering Security Awareness Training services. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the right service for your organisation. To help guide you through the selection process, here are nine key questions: Does the testing phase draw upon information in the public domain […]

DCS sponsor fireworks in Thorp Arch
Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Gunpowder Treason and Plot We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! Well apparently Thorp Arch forgot the date! Last weekend I had the pleasure of running the Pyrotechnics (for the fourth year running!) at Thorp Arch’s Bonfire Night. Between cups of tea, and hanging off the back of a Land Rover, […]

cloud accounts, SaaS, cloud accounting
The Internet of Things

Amazingly, the first time this expression was coined was as far back in 1999 and it refers to the rapidly growing network of connected objects that are able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors.  For example, thermostats, cars, lights, refrigerators, and more appliances can all be connected to the IoT.  Indeed the first […]

Leckhampton Computers merge with DCS
Merger News

We are delighted to welcome the team from Leckhampton Computers to Boston Lodge.  Their expertise in bespoke business software development adds to the wide range of services provided by DCS. With a close working relationship through collaboration on a number of past projects, the newly expanded DCS development team will comprise 11 developers which, as […]

Office 2007 End of Life
Office 2007 – End of Life

As of October 10th 2017, an old stalwart of Microsoft, Office 2007 comes to the end of its life.  From the end of the month Outlook 2007will no longer connect to Office 365, leaving users unable to access e-mails. When a product reaches “end of life” (typically after 10 years), Microsoft will no longer offer […]

First impressions count with Digital Signage

Occasionally we are asked by our customers to implement a digital signage solution. Firstly I need to address what is digital signage, Wikipedia defines it as… “a remotely managed digital display typically tied in with sales, advertising and marketing” or as “a network of electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display […]

IT Support problems
A Clash of Technologies

In the technological age that we live in today, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve on products and technologies. Many of these improvements are driven towards adding ease and convenience for consumers as they go about their busy lives. Aiding productivity at work and recreational activities at home. In the rush to appeal […]

Pegasus Opera II Payroll EOL
GDPR – Are you ready?

What is GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and this comes into force on the 25th May 2018.  This piece of regulation is replacing the 1995 data protection directive, which the UK’s current Data Protection Act is based upon. Members of the EU had implemented the previous rules differently making it difficult and […]

DCS Bake Off Blog
Ready, Set……..Bake

Here at DCS we are very fortunate that we have quite a few members of staff who enjoy baking and will occasionally bring in the fruits of their labour for the team to enjoy! So when we heard about two of our DCS Directors, Barry Rankin (Sales Director) and Chris Lord (Technical Director) signing up […]

Phishing Cybersecurity
How You Can Help To Protect Your Business

I recently attended a seminar hosted by the Yorkshire & Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit on how to protect your business from the growing threat of social engineering cyber-crime. Social engineering is when criminals manipulate people to gain confidential information from them.  It is human nature to be helpful and these confidence tricksters exploit your […]

Barry Rankin Sales director
Our Rankin is going up!

DCS are delighted to announce that, following 17 years of outstanding service, Barry Rankin has been appointed as our new Sales Director. Barry joined DCS as Sales Manager in 2000 and his promotion to the board reflects his major contribution to the company’s sustained growth over the past two decades. He is loyal to his […]

Cybersecurity Phishing
Prevention is better than cure!

This morning I spent a very interesting hour at Stray FM’s offices in Harrogate where the very patient James Stanley talked me through the ins and outs of recording an interview.  The team here felt that it was important to get some advice to businesses in Yorkshire regarding the increasing incidence of cybercrime and the […]

Make it York 2017
Make It York – Two Years On review

We were very kindly invited to come along and exhibit at Make it York’s “Two Years On” annual review event, recapping the highs and lows from the last 12 months and to look forward to the exciting things the city has planned to take place and develop over the next year. As DCS are proud […]

Cybersecurity protection at The Yorkshire Business Market
Yorkshire Business Market 2017

Eye Spy – Grab a Pie! Armed with a hamper of freshly made, still slightly warm, Tadcaster’s finest pork pies from Devine Meats, Marketing Director Suzie Cowling and Marketing Executive Theresa Clark hit this year’s Yorkshire Business Market to spread the word and raise awareness of the ever growing and worrying trend of Cybercrime! And […]

Andrew Tones leaving DCS
End of an Era

DCS director is signing off after 34 years’ service After almost 34 years of service which has seen him progress from YTS trainee to Managing Director, Andrew Tones has retired from his position at DCS. We marked the occasion with a specially commissioned cake in the shape of one of the early Commodore computers which DCS […]

UK flight ban - deslock data encryption
UK & USA laptop flight ban

As airlines and governments are now introducing bans on laptops and tablets on direct flight to the UK from certain counties, what does this mean for you as a business traveller or indeed keeping up with e-mails on your holiday? The rules are well documented in the media and online, however I would advise checking […]

Digital voucher scheme
Heard about the Digital Growth Voucher Scheme?

This Scheme launched on the 7th February and is targeting businesses based in the Leeds city region*.  With a fund of £3.5 million these vouchers are being awarded on a first come, first served basis over the next two years.    Designed to support SMEs (small to medium sized companies) who are trading business to […]

It support DCS remote engineer
Never a Dull Moment

From our latest recruit to the Maintenance Department – Sarah Hanna – I joined DCS just over two months ago and have been lucky enough to encounter a variety of different roles and tasks already! One of my first experiences was working with the equipment in our Workshop.   We added memory, cloned hard drives […]

It security, cybersecurity protection, ransomware
Worried about Cybersecurity?

*65% of large UK businesses were victims of Cyber Attacks in the past year, collectively losing these organisations BILLIONS of pounds! And that’s not to mention the smaller companies who have also been made victims by this worrying growing trend. For UK organisations to continue to grow their businesses in the on-line arena, customers need […]

Microsoft Price Increases

Microsoft is to increase its prices by as much as 22pc in the UK from 1st January 2017 because of sterling’s recent decline, a rise that is likely to affect thousands of businesses which may have to raise IT budgets or sacrifice other projects in order to pay for the increased charges. Post-EU referendum slide […]

Opera 3 Mobile Sales
Connect your sales force on the road with your office – new release from Pegasus Opera

If you have a sales team on the road,  they need access to up to date sales and stock information.  Pegasus Mobile Sales via Pegasus Web Xchange is a dedicated sales app that can change the way your orders are processed.  Your sales person can show products to their clients, check stock levels and pricing, […]

Ransomware cyptolocker
Important security message

Over recent months we have seen an increase in the number and sophistication of cyber fraud and ransomware attacks. You will need a good system backup in the event of an attack – so please make sure someone within your organisation is responsible for checking backups daily; more on this later in this article. Ransomware […]

Heatwave servers and computers
It may not be just your staff overheating!

As we seem to be enjoying the hot weather for a change, think about your poor server stuck indoors and possibly overheating. Many modern servers have in-built temperature sensors. If these sensors detect they are getting too hot, often just above 30 Degrees C, they will shut the server down to protect the delicate components […]

Pegasus opera accounting software Yorkshire
Accounting software – 7 points to consider when choosing your new accounts system

When it comes to choosing accounting software there are plenty of options available. However, not all accounting software packages are right for every business. It’s important to consider the needs of your business and factors such as budget, goals, scalability and users. We might sell award-winning accounting software, but we’re not going to tell you […]

businesss broadband connection
Avoid downtime when upgrading or changing your business broadband

  Everybody wants the highest quality and best performing internet business broadband connection for their organisation. Indeed, there are a lot of ISPs (Internet Service Provider) out there now offering free upgrades from ADSL to Fibre-optic broadband (aka VDSL). There are many ISPs out there promising that if you swap to them, costs will reduce and […]

hardware merchants challenges
5 opportunities not be missed for builders merchants

Interesting information from Intact, our business partner whose iQ software has proved so successful with trade and builders merchants. Profitability, minimising costs, maintaining a good level of cash flow, stock levels and good customer service are key for any business.  It’s not just about having the right job management software although that does help!. The […]

DCS Spring free business and accounting event
Are Business Solutions and Accounting Software at the heart of your business?

  Staying up-to-date with the latest business solutions and accounting software can be a task for any size of business. But why? Is the challenge really down to cost, time or a myth that all technology is confusing and ‘techy’? We can’t ignore the fact that a business is like our body and needs to […]

snails running slowly
4 reasons why your computer may be running slowly

Do you know why your computer may be running slowly? Is it because I have too many photos, too many documents? Likely not! Here are some reasons why your computer may be running slowly. Let’s run through them: 1. Application Updates: Microsoft and other software vendors regularly release updates for their products. Your computer can […]

checklist for wi-fi connection problems
A checklist for resolving your Wi-Fi internet connection

I’m sure everyone out there has at least once experienced an issue with their Wi-Fi internet connection not working. So what could go wrong? Here are a few scenarios: Out of range / weak signal: a common one. Are you close enough to the Wireless Access Point (WAP)? The range will be very different depending on […]

Image of frustration
My print jobs are stuck – help?

My printer is taking over my life – why won’t it work? It’s taken over my day and I have meetings to attend, to discuss important figures and the latest business reports. So how do I explain why I am late and my reports are not available?  How familiar does this sound? We all know how […]

red flashing light server UPS
Flashing “Red Lights” on your Server or UPS – don’t ignore!

Just like our bodies that little pain or ache could be the indication of something worse, and a quick trip to the Doctors should often be the remedy. But how often do you hear Doctors saying that patients ignore the signs and leave it late for a visit, or your family and friends tell you […]

Beware of Fake Microsoft calls
Online Fraud – Beware of fake “Microsoft” calls

A number of customers, family and friends of DCS have received bogus calls, supposedly from Microsoft Technical Support.   I can almost certainly guarantee that they were fake calls from people attempting online fraud, trying to scare you into letting them onto your PC to “prove you have a fault”. The caller then asks for a […]

Deans Computer Services In Leeds
Our brand new company video is now online!

  The DCS company video is now on You Tube. Featuring one of our customers, Ben Taylor from TayCare Medical, the video shows how the team at DCS go about our daily business and the services that we provide. DCS Company Video      

Active Directory Software
How does an Active Directory help your business?

What is an Active Directory? This question always arises when I am visiting clients or taking calls, so I thought that I would share this on a wider basis. So what does this mean for your business? To put it bluntly, without an Active Directory, a network would be insecure, disjointed, unscalable, unsupported by many […]

business data
Finding reporting tools to understand your business data is not beyond reach

Business intelligence is not just a buzzword and so much more than churning out business data and producing KPIs for the sake of it for your management meetings. By gaining access to data on quotes, orders, job costings, marketing information, accounting ‘profit and loss’ information, stock inventory, or to gain an overview of your Engineers’ […]

BiY Inspired Awards 2015
We’ve been shortlisted for a BiY Inspired Award 2015

Proud to be a Yorkshire company! We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Transformation Category in Yorkshire’s BIY Inspired Awards 2015. Congratulations to the other local companies who will find out the breaking news on Friday 2 October.  

Online security and phishing spam
Avoid Phishing scams and protect yourself online

Internet security can affect anyone The internet is part of most of our daily lives, for accessing our emails, researching or buying products or socially hanging out on social media. So it comes as no surprise that we can all be ‘vulnerable’ – so it’s not enough to purely have just anti-virus security measures in […]

Microsoft license
Choosing the right Microsoft License

Which Microsoft license is right for me? In previous years the question surrounding Microsoft licensing was simple. What applications do I want and how many do I need for the size of my organisation? Once those questions were addressed, it was simply a case of finding the best price on the market and placing your […]

Windows 10
Don’t rush installing Windows 10

How cautious should I be when installing my Windows 10 ? Today I have mostly been installing Windows 10 Technical Preview on my laptop. Well, first impressions are really good. A simple installation, the ‘Start Menu’ is back, and a new speedy internet browser (Microsoft Edge) and that’s just for starters. Now I know lots […]

Steps to take if your Adobe Reader crashes in Windows 7

Experiencing Adobe reader issues with Windows 7 – then there’s a solution? With all software, it’s important to ensure that you keep your software up-to-date and only this month Adobe has released some important updates – so it’s also worth checking out their blog for releases and trending news. As an Engineer at DCS, I liaise […]

Pegasus Business Cloud
Pegasus Business Cloud

In a landmark release, Pegasus Business Cloud has arrived to strengthen Pegasus’s solutions proposition and bridge the way into the future. With cloud implementations growing exponentially across all industry and business sectors, and increasing demand from customers, Pegasus Business Cloud is an exciting and important addition to our product portfolio. Click here for further information, […]

Looking for ideas to upgrade your new Business Management System – INTACT?

In April we were delighted to launch our new business management system called iQ from Intact to companies in Yorkshire and had a great reception to this new software. Attendees included companies who felt their software and business systems no longer supported their business needs and were looking for alternative solutions. Over the past few […]

Microsoft don’t leave me. I’m not ready to abandon Windows 2003

Are you being probed about whether your company needs to plan now to upgrade your Windows Server 2003, or is it being ignored as it’s not seen as a business risk? Sleepless nights, waking up to scribble down your ‘stay or leave’ checklist, searching the internet for information or are you simply going to keep […]

Intact accounting system
Yorkshire launch of our new Business, Management & Accounting System – IQ from INTACT

All in One Business, Management and Accounting System There was a buzz at our Head Office in Boston Spa when we were proud to introduce our new business and accounting system to Yorkshire’s financial and managing directors. As Patrick Clayton, MD of DCS claims” “We set out to find a product that would represent something […]

Free Microsoft software with OneNote – no more excuses to get organised

Personally, I have found Microsoft OneNote to be as essential as my phone and car – it’s helped me to organise my day to day tasks and to keep my colleagues updated with my customer visits, so follow-up can happen even before I return to the office. The ability to be able to sync all […]