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Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software

Designed for the management of service calls and equipment maintenance, incorporating variable contracts, serial number tracking, service billing and profitability. Call logging, hotline support and a powerful knowledge-base make this database a must for all field service organisations.

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Support & Help Desk

Calls are logged on to the Service Call screen with the problem by the call desk and entered onto the system which generates an automatic call reference number and time recording of the call.  The system identifies whether the customer or the appropriate equipment is covered by contract or should be charged.  The problem’s solution is recorded for future reference and retrieval or billing, and posted into the knowledge base if required.

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Service Call Desk

Records and manages all maintenance calls. Records the problem and solution along with parts used, engineer time, incoming and outgoing associated e-mails, and any other related documents or images. Call Timer available for accurately recording telephone support. The information held on this screen provides the details for recording against contract revenue and for invoicing non-contract calls.

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Service Manager

Entries made on the service call screen instantly update the service manager’s screen, highlighting, by colour, contract, non-contract and priority calls. The screen can be filtered by engineer, status, or call basis and shows the total no of calls outstanding.  The service manager is able to allocate engineers and sort the records into order of priority. Call sheets can then be printed or e-mailed to the appropriate engineer.

Equipment contracts

Maintenance Contracts

Allows multiple service contracts with varying renewal periods and response times, containing itemised details against each customer. Contract renewal processing by date creates invoices together with  equipment schedules. The invoices are batch processed into the Sales Ledger of the appropriate accounts software. Contract Memo details can be recorded for any mid-term changes and are highlighted when renewing

Global Equipment Register

Equipment Register

The Customer Equipment Register displays the equipment held by each client, the date supplied along with corresponding contract renewal information and calculation, with the user or department  The Global equipment register contains all customers’ equipment, with quick find and sort facilities using the in-house reference number, manufacturer’s serial number and product code and description.

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Equipment Repairs

All equipment repairs are covered under contract for replacement parts and labour. Customers who don’t have a Maintenance contract or have faulty equipment which is not on their Equipment schedule can also have their equipment repaired in our Workshop or have a site visit both of which  will be charged for replacement parts and labour, unless it is still covered by Manufacturers Warranty.

Mobile Service Management

Mobile Sales Data

Find customer details – address, map, directions and phone number – click the phone number to dial (if the device supports calling). Contact details – call and email directly from the contact record, saving time. Add and update contact records while on the road helping to keep your all-important CRM data current.

Engineer call route planning software

Mobile Call Planning

Service engineers can plan their route for their Service Calls by clicking to open Bing Maps and therefore obtaining directions and distances and travel time from the listed Service calls allocated to him.. The engineer can then utilise the mileage details from the Bing Map screen to assist him with his expenses mileage claim.

Mobile field service

Mobile Service Calls

View all the outstanding calls, or just those for a selected engineer. This allows specific engineers to manage their own calls, or a manager to view the full picture. Update the Service Call information; details of the problem, add  time entries and status so that the  head office systems can  be up to date in almost real time.