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Custom Development

Bespoke business solutions across a wide range of industries.

Leckhampton Computers, who recently merged with DCS, are specialists in providing tailored, custom-written, bespoke systems for many sectors including manufacturing; industrial; services and charities.  With extensive experience in working with Equinox CRM, Opera 3, Exchequer and Intact iQ ERP integrations, DCS can now deliver multiple software projects that satisfy customers’ needs more than off the shelf packages can.  We also have expertise in providing mobile and tablet applications for business, document management solutions and integrating internet services with existing systems.

Job & Project Costing software


T.A.P.E. software helps companies that need to plan, track, record and time manage people and projects. You can create a project and post both chargeable and non-chargeable time to one job. You can also post multiple timesheet lines to the same job on the same day, with the ability to record travelling time and mileage at the same time.
T.A.P.E. offers an easy to use and affordable system that can be custom made to suit your business needs.
Available as a customer premise solution and as an ASP offering.

FMD directive bespoke programming solution

Falsified Medicines Directive

The European FMD took effect from 9th February 2019. DCS is happy to announce that our product, med2D has passed all compliancy tests and is now running live on a number of our client sites,. Clients have the option of using med2D as a standalone application, supplied with a high quality scanner, pre configured and ready to work.  Alternatively, med2D is capable of integration with pre-existing scanner applications, in which case it utilises your scan results to perform the FMD tasks then return the results to the parent application.
To get pricing information, discuss integration options or if you are not sure of your liabilities, then please click the ‘Find Out More’ button below, fill in the enquiry form and one of our team will contact you.

ebay Shop

This module links your finance and ERP system to your EBay Shop. You can automatically download and process order from your Ebay Shop and post into your accounts system.  With the ability to update Ebay with the despatch and tracking information as well as create new listings in Ebay from your financial package.

PDF Services

A suite of processing software that allows single or batch processed conversion of text files into PDF’s by merging the data with pre-defined document templates. By placing the text files into a folder this software will pick it up, merge with a pre-designed template and then file the document which can also be e-mailed. Suitable for invoices, delivery notes and other documents that would normally be printed to expensive pre-printed stationery.

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Document Storage

With the ever increasing need to manage all documentation that a business has, L-Doc provides a range of easy to use methods for uploading documents and a powerful search facility for locating files.  A Web interface and Mobile Apps gives you access when you are out of the office. L-Doc is available as an on premise solution or in the Cloud. No more time spent filing and storing those boxes filled with paper.

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Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile devices themselves are flexible, powerful and above all, highly portable.  Any business with personnel outside the office can benefit from mobile technology – e-mailing lists of jobs to sales/delivery or support staff and these jobs being linked into Google Maps and satellite navigation.  Deliveries can be digitally signed for resulting in quicker invoicing.  Your mobile can give you laptop functionality in a device that fits into your pocket.

Site Diary

Global diary system that gives an Outlook style daily, weekly or monthly view of all company activity by querying any internal systems real time. See appointments, delivery schedules, Goods In, holidays, sickness days and any other date related information in the users’ systems. This can be provided as an interface into your accounts or business software systems.

Forklift Monitoring

An application currently designed for the Forklift inspection and examination business that gives you vital information to make sure you are managing your equipment at optimal costs.   Providing real time vehicle location tracking, recording of  mileage, servicing information and safety handling.


E-commerce for wholesalers and distributors.   A stand alone Web-Shop application. This solution is fast, reliable and most cost effective way of getting your business online.  With easy and complete control of website content and with links into Pegasus Opera.