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Business Applications & Software Specialists

DCS provide a wealth of  business software and software applications to cover most business needs. When you cannot find an off the shelf package that suits your requirements, we can help.  Backed by a strong team of software programmers and consultants to help identify and design software specifically for what you need. 

TAPE Timesheet Software

T.A.P.E Timesheet Software

T.A.P.E Timesheet Software is a user-friendly, affordable software solution that helps companies plan, track and manage people and projects in one efficient place. You can create a project and post both chargeable and non-chargeable time to one job. You can also post multiple timesheet lines to the same job on the same day, with the ability to record travelling time and mileage at the same time.

Bespoke business IT solutions

Bespoke Software

Is your current system not providing the business software you need? We can provide a range of bolt on modules, integrating with accounting packages and  suitable for a variety of industries from wholesale and distribution;  manufacturing; HR and personnel; sales and professional services.

Capital property management software

Capital Property Manager

Powerful software designed to manage property portfolios in a simple and seamless way.  It is the perfect solution for small to mid-range property management for the following sectors – Owner/Occupiers, Managing and Land Agents, Country Estates, Investment Companies and Retail. Manages full property, leasehold and tenant details generating rent demands, reconciling service charges and managing property maintenance with seamless exports into your preferred accounting system.

Service Management Software

Service Management

Designed for Field Service businesses, Dealer Service Management software takes the pain out of managing service calls, equipment maintenance and contract renewals. Dealer is a modern maintenance and asset management solution for your service team. By connecting your back office, field engineers and customers you can cut admin time by sending invoices directly into your Pegasus Opera, Intact iQ and Exchequer accounts software

CRM, diary planning bespoke system


Improve your customer service with information at your fingertips using Dealer CRM.  From taking an enquiry from prospective clients through to quotations and then taking the order, Dealer CRM can track and report on all stages of the sales cycle.  When the order is taken you can update your accounts software from within the Dealer system, reducing the chance of errors that can occur when using two systems.

Document management solutions

Document Management

Helping you to  manage documents from supply chain to maintenance, as well as departmentally, whether production, finance, HR or Customer Service.  With integration to leading accounting packages and proof of delivery capture, which in turn improves invoice processing and in turn, cashflow.

The DCS Development Department specialises in producing high quality, user friendly custom-written bespoke software. Using the same rapid application development tools that our own in-house system was created with, we can produce attractively priced software in relatively short timescales.