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Is it plugged in?
Is it the PC or just the monitor? Is it plugged in and turned on; network cable attached? This may sound like an obvious thing to check, but make sure the plugs are pushed into the back of the PC, the monitor or any extensions, and that wall sockets are plugged in and switched on. The same applies to printers.  

Try a Reboot, grab a coffee:
If your machine is running slowly, keeps freezing on you or you have lost connectivity, try a reboot. Re-starting the PC allows it to refresh its connections and configure any updates correctly. Grab that coffee whilst the reboot happens, you may be amazed. 

Check with your colleagues:
If you are having issues with your PC, such as a lack of internet connection or access to your email, then check with your colleagues. Are they having the same issues? If they are experiencing the same problem, then the chances are that one of your colleagues may have already logged a call, and we can add your details to the same call. 

The error message:
We can often get the error message from the logs, but that takes time. If you leave the error on the screen, write down what the error message says, or take a screenshot, we can jump right into fixing the problem instead of first trying to figure out what the problem is. A quicker fix means you are back working as soon as possible. 

Be honest:
Remember, like your doctor, DCS are on your side and have seen it all. If you recently installed something you shouldn’t, or spilt coffee on your PC, tell us. There is no need to feel embarrassed, it will allow us to fix the issues faster. 

To log a call:
Before logging a call, to help us help you –
Have your DCS machine number ready to tell the Call Desk or include it in your email. If you are emailing to log a call, please give as much information as you can, again it will just help to speed the process up. Finally, let us know when you will you be available and the best way for DCS to make contact. 

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