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IT Security

IT Security

We take your business IT security seriously, which is why we partner only with market leaders with a proven track record of delivering on their promises.  

Why not put your business to the test by booking a free, no-obligation DCS Cyber Security Audit, to see where you’re most vulnerable, the impact it could have and what you could do to protect yourself against the likelihood of a cyberattack?  

Amber Vault

Amber Vault Cloud Backup

Amber Vault Cloud Services are managed from our Tier 3 Data Centres based in the UK. Monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, giving you peace of mind that your solution is always protected by exceptional levels of both physical and cybersecurity. Ensure maximum business continuity for a scalable and flexible monthly cost.  
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ESET AntiVirus Software

A must in everyday computing is protection against any malware, viruses, or even any other unwanted applications. 
Using our recommended product provided by ESET helps to mitigate against these threats. 

ESET Double Encryption

In this modern era with GDPR, etc, data encryption is a necessity for mobile devices. It helps prevent unauthorised access to data, should a laptop be stolen, for example. 
Having double encryption is like having a second lock on your door, so if one key is compromised, the second key continues to protect your data. 



365 Total Protection from Hornetsecurity offers comprehensive protection for Microsoft cloud services – specially developed for Microsoft 365 and seamlessly integrated to provide comprehensive protection for Microsoft cloud services. Including spam and malware protection, content control, user signatures and much more (package dependent).


Veeam Backup & Recovery

Veeam software is a backup solution that can range from backing up a single PC/Laptop to multiple Enterprise Servers. 
It can backup to USB devices, network shares and cloud-based storage and supports encryption. 
Veeam is a requirement for our own cloud-based backup solution, Amber Vault. 

Cybersecurity awareness training

Staff Awareness Training

How confident are you that a member of your staff could spot a suspicious email or link? Make your team your strongest asset against a cyberattack with Cyber Security Awareness Training. Initial video training and exam followed by random lifelike testing helps to ensure standards don’t slip back. Watch the video here

Ransomware contract

Ransomware Contracts

Would you like the added reassurance of our optional ransomware contract? Should the worst happen, following a ransomware attack on your business, we would aim to rebuild your server from your most recent backup, this would be set at an annual cost. 

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