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Many, where possible, are now opting for a more hybrid way of working, helping people to achieve that better work/life balance we all crave. The number of people now ‘WFH’ is at an all-time high, but rest assured, with DCS, you’ll have the same level of support wherever your office may be.

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IT needs to consider if you have a Hybrid Working Team:

 Your IT Support Contract

Whether you’re working at the office or working from home, your existing business IT equipment is still supported by DCS in the event of a breakdown, including all parts and all labour. You call the same number, you speak to the same people, and you get the same level of service.

If you need to add any extra home IT equipment onto your IT support contract, such as PCs, laptops, or routers, we can do this too. We’d just need to give it a quick MOT and make sure we’re able to support the device. For example, on new PCs/laptops, a supported copy of Windows (10 or 11) would need to be installed, and it would need to be protected with valid and up-to-date antivirus software.

Remote Access

Good remote access to your business IT system is needed to enable employees to effectively work from home, which requires prior planning. If planned and tested well, you and your employees will be able to WFH seamlessly and effectively every day.

At DCS, we can help you achieve effective and reliable remote access to your business IT system whenever you need it.

Our top DCS tips for WFH:

Get comfy – Depending on how many days you plan to WFH, your body will not thank you if you don’t do your best to try and recreate all those little office comforts you may have taken for granted…until now! The more you can make it a home-from-home or an office-from-office, the better!


Remote accessThe key to a good remote office experience is not only being familiar with the steps required to connect but also testing the system in advance. If you rarely connect remotely to the office, don’t fall into the trap of assuming the process is the same as it was when you connected 6 months ago.


 Virtual meetingsIf you have virtual meetings in your diary, ensure you can log on to the meeting forum well in advance. It’s also important to ensure your webcam is working and provides a good quality image, and your microphone works too. It might also be a good idea to upload a professional-looking backdrop to your screen if your current background doesn’t give the right impression.


 Password and credentials – Whether you’re in the office, WFH or adopt a hybrid approach to working, when you’re hopping between different IT environments, it’s very useful for you to know (and store securely) what your usernames and passwords are for your VPN, emails, and remote desktop.


Cybersecurity – It’s absolutely paramount to access your business IT system securely when WFH. The device you use, whether it be a laptop, PC or tablet, must be healthy and secure. This doesn’t involve anything too technical, just ensure you have a modern, active and functioning anti-virus software, Windows 10 or 11 with all the updates installed, strong passwords in place and your device hasn’t previously been infected with any form of malware or virus.


 Remember, we’ve got you! – When you’re trying to WFH, and things aren’t going to plan, simply log a call with the DCS team here: required team here. We’ll have you back up and running in no time!