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Accounting Software

As an independent accounting software specialist, DCS offers a range of Business Accounts software solutions which have already been installed in many businesses throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire. DCS started supplying Accounting Systems over 30 years ago on the first Micro Computers to be made and have become among the foremost resellers of Business Software, Financial and Networking Solutions in the North of England.

Pegasus opera accounts software

Pegasus Opera

Looking for advice on Pegasus Accounts software? For over 35 years  DCS have supplied, installed and trained on Pegasus systems, including Opera II and Opera 3 accounts, as well as  their award winning Payroll solution.

Intact accounting system

Intact Software

The most recent addition to our accounting portfolio, Intact iQ is an all in one ERP, Accounts and Business Management software, allowing business to access all the data they need in one centralised system. Ideal for growing businesses

Exchequer Accounting Software

Exchequer Software

Specialising in producing high quality, user friendly software using the same rapid application development tools that Exchequer was created with, DCS can produce Exchequer accounts software customisation in relatively short timescales.

Person on Laptop using Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting Software

Advanced Business Cloud Essentials is a cloud-based ERP system which delivers a single, fully integrated platform for businesses to use financials; CRM; stock control; supplier and logistics management; payroll and dashboard reporting.

Engineer showing Accounting add ons

Accounting Add Ons

When your accounts system cannot provide you with the modules you require, take a look at the add on modules that integrate with the industry leading financial systems. DCS  write bespoke software to suit your needs.

Support agent for accounting software support

Accounting Support

DCS offers a full support contract with access to experienced software technicians to answer your technical queries, including a fully manned hotline. We are able to implement , support and provide help on your Accounting Software

The team at DCS has been supplying, installing, training and supporting small to medium business accounting systems for over 35 years. We are amongst the foremost resellers of Pegasus, Intact, Exchequer and Cloud Business Software, offering a variety of proven Financial, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Manufacturing Solutions to suit a wide range of industries and organisations.