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Microsoft 365 for business

When your business signs up for M365, you are opening the door to the world of
Microsoft’s Premium Apps, they have several subscriptions starting with their Business Basic plan which includes – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Exchange, One Drive and SharePoint; right through to their M365 Business Premium subscription – there is sure to be a plan that is best suited to your business requirements. Each M365 user will also be able to access most of these apps across all devices, PCs, tablets and mobile phones and benefit from 1Tb of cloud storage

So, if you have any queries about how to protect and get the best out of your M365 in the most
cost-effective way, speak to our friendly team today.

How DCS can help support your M365

Office Applications

Ranging from popular applications, such as Word and Excel, to Access and Publisher, etc, you can guarantee that there will be an application that will help you to deal with your requirements.

As there are several bundles to choose from, DCS can help to provide the most cost-effective option for your business needs.

OneDrive / Sharepoint

Documents and files require storage space, OneDrive and SharePoint will provide central storage for these documents, which allows you to access your documents from any device at any location with internet access.

Documents can be shared with other users easily, rather than having multiple copies in everyone’s mailbox, ensuring the document is up-to-date at all times.

DCS can help to set up and configure and assign appropriate permissions for files/folders.


Teams provides the ability to chat and communicate via audio or video along with video conferencing.

It integrates with other Office applications, along with utilising Sharepoint for storage of any documents, thus providing full collaboration features.

DCS can help to set up the Teams permissions, shortcuts, etc, to suit your requirements.

Backup – (Amber Vault)

Backup is essential for the security of any data and to help prevent any data loss.

Ranging from your emails, Teams chats, OneDrive/Sharepoint documents, etc, there is a backup solution for all needs, and is available utilising our own Amber Vault.

If you would like to know more about M365 or how we can support you, get in touch: