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CRM Software

CRM Software

A good CRM traditionally helps you to better communicate with your customers. Profiling your customer through your CRM system lets you target the right customers with the right message, whether through email, letter or phone and measure your results.

CRM Marketing

Marketing Software

Targeted companies can be followed up by telesales staff and the activities updated with future tasks or actions which can be assigned to other staff, sales teams or account manager. Contains Telemarketing Call scripts and Manager screen. Import results of e-mail shots focusing on clicked, opened and bounced e-mails.  Measure results for future campaigns

Selection Screen Dealer CRM

Contact Management

A selection screen enables companies to be picked by a variety of different criteria to produce a mailing list to mail merge into a Word document or e-mail. An additional SQL query is available to extract data from all the main data files, by selecting queries on any field and outputting the file to the Selection Screen or an Excel spreadsheet.

CRM Training, Sales Manager software

Sales Manager

Manage your accounts easily. Entries made  on the CRM Activities screen with follow up details automatically populating the Sales Manager screen. This area is used for marketing and follow-up of clients and prospects. Various filters and marketing reports by date range are available within this option, i.e. sales top customers or outstanding enquiries.

CRM diary Outlook

Appointments & Tasks

The CRM user’s follow ups can be linked directly to the user’s Microsoft Outlook Tasks and Calendars, with the ability to assign tasks and appointments to other CRM users. The system provides for dynamic integration with Microsoft Outlook and therefore there is no need to operate a separate CRM diary.

CRM Quotations software

Quotation & Sales Orders

Quotation system with product description and specification look-ups.  A powerful search facility enables you to find products by stock code, or even a part description  Accepted quotations produce a sales order and transfers in to the accounts package.   Quotes and Purchase Agreements can be e-mailed  or printed.

CRM with accounts integration, Sge integrated CRM software, Opera integrated CRM

Accounts Integration

The CRM Software directly links with Exchequer, Pegasus Opera or Sage 50 enabling the creation of accounts, orders, products, suppliers and invoices directly from the CRM, along with real-time enquiries from the accounts package for items such as customer balances, credit controller notes and stock enquiries.

Sales Pipeline software

Pipeline & Forecasting

Get visibility of your pipeline and your sales forecast. Stock ranges and groups can be categorised into different pipelines with different managers to monitor and report the stages reached, the expected sale date, the probability percentage, and number of days the enquiry has been open and what action is needed by whom.

Marketing campaigns and events

Campaigns & Events

Holds details of company events or marketing campaigns, such as open days or mail shots. It records the customers that have accepted and attended. By linking the activity to the campaign, quotation and sales information can be logged against the campaign giving instant analysis of campaign effectiveness.

CRM Dashboards systems

Management Information

Dashboards Enable your company to track enquiries from the first call or visit to your website to placing an order, which is sent directly to your accounts package, The CRM will save you time by avoiding duplication of information.  You only need to enter the information once and this is visible to all your team.