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Intact Software

It’s time to make life simple by using one system to manage all of your business processes, with our exciting new software from Intact. Find out how this integrated system allows Engineering, Distribution, Retail and Trade Merchant companies  to access data in one centralised system, eliminates the need to use multiple systems, improves the quality of data and business workflow, provides real-time information to manage your financial and non-financial business data.

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Intact Merchants Software

A complete accounts software solution for Builders Merchants, Timber Merchants, Plumbers Merchants and other specialised merchants.  Offering improved stock management; credit card integration; multi branch support; rapid trade counter transacting and optimised order processing.  iQ from Intact gives you instant access to data enabling you to control margins like never before.

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Intact Distribution Software

iQ offers everything for the wholesale and distribution industry from financials; supply chain; integration to e-commerce websites; barcoding; telesales; CRM and more.  Being able to provide real time stock levels with mobile stock taking, managed returns, scheduled price updates and route planning and transport management makes decision making a much easier task.

Project & Finance software for engineering

Intact Engineering Software

A complete all in one accounting solution for Engineering companies. Job and project budgeting gives you real time view of the project, job and stage profitability. With the facility to track committed costs and attach purchase orders this enables a better understanding of the actual costs of the jobs. Fully integrated business intelligence gives you real time information.

Intact financial accounting, Intact accounts

Intact Financial Software

Full Suite of Nominal Sales & Purchases Ledgers, Covering Multi-Currency, Departments and Cost Centres. Complete provision of Management Accounts, Cash and Inter-Bank Controls, Fixed Assets with VAT Returns and Budgeting all included. Ability for Customisation, Work flows, Role Based Security, Scheduled Reporting and Business Intelligence.

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Supply Chain Management

Processing Quotations through to Invoices, Handling Head Office and Branch Accounts. Want to know how to manage multiple warehouses and returns with Traceability and multiple units of measure? Tracking Supplier and Customer Back Orders, Direct deliveries. Controls Picking, Packing and Purchase & Stock Requisitions with Refunds and Deposits.

Intact trade counter software

Trade Counter & Cash & Carry

If you are running a business where you have a mixture of trade and wholesale sales, what are some of the must-have features you need to enable you to run both efficiently and effectively? ePOS touch Screen; Customisable Per User / Roles; Personalisation, Multi-Layer Categories; Credit Card Integration (optional); Cash Drawer Control and Cash Customer Directory

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Intact Business Intelligence

The Company Genius is Intact’s own Business Intelligence Module which is a very powerful graphical reporting tool which negates the need for third party business intelligence software. Includes User Dashboards, Pivot Tables and Data drills. Advanced and Scheduled Reporting using the in-built Report Designer. The dashboard allows you to easily visualise and investigate data from multiple sources with online analytical processing. Can be personalised for individual users or roles.

Exchequer ERP training

Intact Training

At DCS, we have been delivering business training since 1980, providing a high standard of quality, with personal attention to clients’ needs at very competitive prices,. We can provide specific training courses on Intact iQ accounts, and if you want to get away from the office we are able to deliver your training in a relaxed environment in our offices in Boston Spa.. But what really makes us stand out from the crowd is the way we work: we’re friendly, knowledgeable and committed to meeting your needs.

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Intact iQ Support

DCS are able to provide, consultancy and support of Intact iQ Accounts Software and have been providing IT support and support contracts on accounts software in the UK for over 30 years.  We can assist with installation and telephone hotline advice in response to a fault call. Data fixes and de-corruption are carried out at DCS’s premises as well as logging and progressing a fault call with the software authors, when no known software program solution is available.

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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management systems by the use of Barcoding will make your warehouse or distribution centre more efficient, accurate, and connected.  Inventory Control with Barcode Assignment, Stock Count and Stock Check. Which Mobile data capture solutions have managed to keep at the technological leading edge for data collection and management?

size & colour matrix accounts erp

Size & Colour Matrix

Size and Colour Matrix Software was specifically designed for the clothing and shoe industry; if this is your industry how much would you appreciate the ease of which the Size and Colour Matrix displays your products in a tabular format, allowing for easy selection of multiple similar products and the ability to efficiently select a product with multiple sizes during the sales order process?

CRM & Telesales, accounting software support

CRM & Telesales

Do you need Lead, Prospect and Customer contact management containing Multiple Contacts, Prospect and Customer Quotations? With History Retention from Lead to Customer and Marketing  with Conversion Rating. Mailshots can be created by Letter, SMS or Email. Marketing to Leads, Prospects & Customers with Campaign Management and Tele-Sales Call Schedule per user or day.