Snowed in

By Theresa Clark|7th December 2017

Remote working, bad weather

Don’t lose days of productivity and sales due to bad weather and traffic chaos.

Planning is the key, don’t wait until the bad weather comes

Working from home

  • Make sure you know how to remotely access your e-mails and applications before your unplanned snow day arrives.
  • Ensure you know have a secure record of all your usernames and passwords to hand for your computer, e-mails, applications and banking etc. 

Using their own home computer (Windows or MacOS) and leveraging Remote Desktop Services (RDS) on your existing server infrastructure, everyone in your company can access the whole suite of applications (including your accounts, CRM, email, Office Files and any other business critical applications) quickly and seamlessly.

Working on the move using most smartphones and tablets you can access either just your mailbox (mail, calendar, tasks) or all your applications. In addition we can also supply dedicated Apple IOS apps (iPhone and iPad) for many applications.

It doesn’t just stop there either We also have the latest on premise and hosted telephony solutions that allow call forwarding and VoIP (Voice over IP) on a fixed handset, USB headset or on a smartphone (subject to your data plans and good coverage). In other words, you won’t miss any important calls, no matter where you are.

Microsoft Skype for Business (part of Office 365) allowing video and voice calls, desktop sharing, IM (instant messaging) and much more.

Whatever your device and location you can access your applications and continue to be productive.

Most Importantly

Security – When working from home, please ensure the remote machine has the correct security protocols in place and adequate security protection (Such as Antivirus, Spam Filtering and Data Encryption), from experience, remote users pose the biggest threat to business systems being targeted for ransomware.


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