Lights, action, camera!

By Chris Lord|19th May 2020

smartphone video tips

When scrolling through all my social media, I see videos of people who have recorded their very special moments and people demonstrating their creativity and talents. Have you ever noticed that many of these videos don’t take up the full screen of your TV, smartphone or tablet? You’ll find that the video is playing only on a small area of the screen and that the video is surrounded by large areas of black, or a blurred version of the same video simply to fill out the screen.  

The reason for this, is that so many of us record video on our smartphones, and clearly the most natural way to hold a phone when recording video, is to hold it vertically (or portrait). 

Have a go! Next time you record a video on your smartphone, try rotating it 90° so you are holding it horizontally (or landscape), before you start recording. 

You have taken the time to record something for members of your family or for friends that you don’t see now as they are stuck in lockdown, by just rotating the smartphone, ensure that it is presented how you would like to view it.