Why I would choose Pegasus Opera 3

By Suzie Cowling|6th February 2018

Why I chose Opera 3 accounts software

Krys Bialkowska is our software support manager and has over 20 years of installing, training and supporting various versions of Pegasus accounting software, from Senior through Opera; Opera II and now Opera 3.  As a DCS advocate for this software and one of its best ambassadors, I asked her why she thinks Opera 3 is a solution that people should look at as the new year begins.

Here are Krys’s top 5 reasons why she champions Pegasus Opera accounts and payroll.

  1. Integration – with links between the modules this negates the need for journals and in her own words “Well, it just makes it easier!”
  2. XRL – Krys says that this facility has made lots of users rub their hands with glee when they see what they can get from it. Some users have been stuck in a rut with the old matrix reports and are amazed at what they are able to do. XRL can be used by the financial controller of a company, who does not do any of the day to day operating, but requires information and they are able get the data (P&L, Balance sheet plus more) they require at the push of a button.
    She tells me that it really is the Bees Knees for reporting. XRL is also used by many DCS customers when they need to do price changes: they just extract the information from Opera 3 into Excel, manipulate the spreadsheet and then zap it back into Opera – job done!
  3. Payroll Filing on line – Opera 3 makes it easy to submit year end returns via the Government Gateway with the Pegasus online filing manager. DCS has a lot of Pegasus payroll customers and Krys says that each year end gets relatively easier, which is surprising as new legislation keeps increasing!
  4. Unlimited companies  – come as standard in Opera 3, which means that you are not restricted as your company expands, giving you greater flexibility as you grow.
  5. VAT on line – HMRC has phased out paper VAT returns and most companies should submit their VAR returns in line. With Opera 3 you can create your VAT Return as you would do normally and this can be submitted directly using the Government gateway, meaning less chance of errors as you no longer must copy figures from Opera and input into the HMRC website.  All transmissions are secure as they are encrypted; you have a unique User ID and password and you get an acknowledgement from HMRC with a receipt number. No need to make it any more complicated.

There are lots of reasons why many people choose Pegasus Opera accounts software – read more here.   Or you could call Krys!