Office 2007 – End of Life

By Guy Brook|9th October 2017

Office 2007 End of Life

As of October 10th 2017, an old stalwart of Microsoft, Office 2007 comes to the end of its life.  From the end of the month Outlook 2007will no longer connect to Office 365, leaving users unable to access e-mails.

When a product reaches “end of life” (typically after 10 years), Microsoft will no longer offer technical support, security or bug fixes, potentially leaving your PCs and laptops vulnerable for malicious activity or cybercrime.  This brings into light updates and product replacements, which is why it’s important to invest in software. If security issues are found in the newer products, criminals will look to see if the outdated versions have the same vulnerability and then how they can exploit it, knowing that the software vendors will not patch or update the older versions.

This link has more detail on the Office End of Life

An easy way to tell if you have Office 2007 or any of its components is to look for the “Office Button” as this was exclusive to this version.  The Office Button  is located in the upper-left corner of each Office 2007 program. Clicking it displays options such as Open, Save, Print, and Close, as well as the Options button for each program.

If you have Office 2007, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with your DCS Sales Manager or ask any of our engineers for advice.