It’s time to Spring Clean…your business

By Theresa Clark|4th March 2021

Spring Clean your business with DCS

As the crocuses begin to emerge and we dare to let our minds dream of a future that resembles something of the life we used to know, there is that optimistic feeling that Spring is in the air.

Already having several emails land in my inbox trying to persuade me that theirs is the “must-have” product to enable me to breeze through my spring cleaning, it did trigger a thought of a different type. Never mind the house, this is the perfect time to assess and ‘Spring Clean’ your business needs.

How have you had to adapt over the 12 months to try and survive/continue to grow? Are the ways you used to work still efficient, have you been able to work from home with ease or is there an area where you just wished it worked better? Being able to work from home means that you need to be able to access your business IT easily and when required.

Do you feel confident with your employees now potentially working home that they are doing so safely and not putting your business at risk on a cybersecurity front? It is not unusual to find home users with out-of-date operating systems and their personal website usage may pose a risk.  How up to date are your team on the hazards they may face?

Spring Cleaning your business gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you have achieved in the past, the highs…and the lows.  12 months ago, nobody knew what we would be facing in the time ahead. So, looking at where you are now, what has worked better than you could have ever wished for…and more importantly, what has not?

What processes or programs could be simplified or speeded up? Are you still running systems that have been taking up space and slowing down operations?

Does your current software solution provide you with all the information you require easily and accessible? Nearly every day new software products, versions and editions are introduced into your IT infrastructure. With the proper framework in place, you can categorise, identify and manage them effectively as they come in. Think of it like a kitchen spice cupboard where everything is organised and in its place, as opposed to having to dig through heaps of random spice jars, some that have been lurking for years and are well past their sell-by date.

If you are experiencing issues with your business I.T. have you got a team of people ready to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible? Is your data backed up daily, does anyone monitor it to ensure it stays working and where is it stored? 

Will life be ever the same again, who knows?  Will we be ever hit with another global pandemic that will bring a whole new set of challenges, I hate to say it but we probably will, but if we are, let’s hope it’s in the very distant future!  

The last 12 months will not be something we ever forget but Spring is just around the corner, representing new chapters and new life; all we can do is learn from the past and the present and prepare our business to be strong as it can be for the future.

So, this Spring, why not take a step back and smell the flowers for your business?

If you would like any advice on your current I.T. systems and procedures our friendly team are here to help