Don’t rush installing Windows 10

By Chris Lord|2nd July 2015

Windows 10

How cautious should I be when installing my Windows 10 ?

Today I have mostly been installing Windows 10 Technical Preview on my laptop. Well, first impressions are really good. A simple installation, the ‘Start Menu’ is back, and a new speedy internet browser (Microsoft Edge) and that’s just for starters.

Now I know lots of you have been getting a message in your systray (short for ‘System Tray’ in the bottom right hand corner of your screen near the clock) notifying you that Windows 10 will be released on July 29th and that you can pre-register.

And then on July 29th you can all download your very own 3GB (3 gigabyte) copy of Windows 10 and upgrade it yourself. Microsoft are making it very easy to upgrade your copy of Windows 7 or 8. But hang on a minute!

Stop and think before downloading Windows 10

Before you download that large 3GB file and slow down your business’ internet for the day, what else must you consider with your computer? Ask yourself these 12 questions:

  • 1. Will I need to re-install my applications and have I got the media / download and product key?
  • 2. Will my applications work properly and will they be supported by the software vendor?
  • 3. Is mycurrent anti-virus product compatible, an important consideration?
  • 4. Will my online banking work with the new Microsoft Edge internet browser?
  • 5. Does Windows 10 have all the hardware drivers for your machine? Webcam, Microphone, Display
  • 6. Will my printers still work?
  • 7. How long will my machine be out of action for whilst the upgrade takes place? 1 hour? All day?
  • 8. Is it up to spec? Have I enough RAM, disk space?
  • 9. Will this upgrade affect anyone else other than me on my network
  • 10. Will my remote access work after the upgrade?
  • 11. Do I know all of my “remembered” usernames and passwords?
  • 12. And finally, am I happy that I can find everything in Windows 10 to carry out my daily tasks?

We believe Windows 10 will be a great product and will offer some real-world benefits to end users. That said, if you’re using your machine for business use, please consult with a qualified and experienced hardware engineer before performing any upgrade.

Image/source credit: Freeimages , Canva and Microsoft