Do you have 2020 vision with your business?

By Theresa Clark|14th January 2020

2020 vision, bright ideas for cybersecurity

Another year has passed, even quicker than the last some may say; but with this one, we head into a new decade, 2020! Like most of the nation, I like to take a moment to process the previous year and reflect on the goals I want to tackle and try to achieve in this next 12 months. You only have to enter a shop, turn on the TV or open a magazine to see evidence of the number 1 resolution each year…you’ve guessed it – to get fit; physical and mental health fitness is such a positive thing and it’s really great to see mental health issues primarily, finally pushed to the forefront. So as we all try to up our water intake and pull on our trainers, have you stopped for a minute to think “how ‘fit’ and strong is my business?”

You only need to scroll on your phone to see the latest post on social media or newsflash story reporting the latest victim to another cyber-attack, all too often to a company that you think would have its cyber ducks in a row! This is never going to go away, in fact, with time, will only advance at an alarming rate – unfortunately, we have to accept this is our new ‘normal’.  So, ask yourself, is it not now time to re-visit your business’ security budget allocation…do you even have one?

Most of you will have already had Malware attempts on either your personal life or your systems and hopefully, you will have realised and avoided these or maybe got lucky…others not so. It is almost impressive how clever these cybercriminals are and is such a shame they don’t put their talents to the greater good! If you find yourself on the unlucky side of a cyberattack you may have had the agonising decision of whether or not to pay £1000’s as a ransom or risk losing your entire data, or you may have had to cover the costs involved of the time-consuming procedure of an I.T. engineer to try and recover what data they can from your last back up.

Haven’t got around to doing that latest backup…?!? This could simply be catastrophic for your business! It really is as black & white as that if your business heavily relies on customer data.

In this decade no business should be taking those cyber-risks when there are simple cost-effective products out there to help you protect yourself. Yes, making your business strong and fit and ready to fight against cyber-crime is going to involve a financial outlay, and that’s the point when most people turn off, but not only is it worth the investment, it may not be as much as you think. I’m pretty sure if you spoke to any of the businesses that had been affected by such ordeals if they could go back to put in place the relevant protection, they wouldn’t hesitate; the wonderful world of hindsight!

We can advise and provide you with the cyber-solutions your business needs, whether that be test proven Amber Vault Cloud Backup monitored by our in-house team removing the element of stress or pressure from one person’s shoulders of remembering to rotate those backup disks. Antivirus software that meets your business’ demands. Encryption of all your PC’s, laptops, mobiles, USB sticks etc providing the reassurance you require. Ask us for a copy of our Cyber-Pro Essentials brochure.

Our engineers are more than happy to come out for a chat and to provide you with a free….YES FREE….NO OBLIGATION…..I.T. Security Health check, they will assess and provide you with a report of where your weak spots lie and what they recommend your business should be doing about them in order of importance**. All you need to do is call 01937 541411 to book your assessment today. Now is the time to see security budgets as part of your ‘normal’ business expenditure and not an extra reluctant cost.

Don’t let your business I.T. be the resolution you regret not doing this 2020.

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