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Pegasus Construction Software

Pegasus Construction Software

Pegasus Construction Industry Software (CIS) is a software system specially designed for the construction, contracting  and allied industries.  This solution gives unparalleled  control over all aspects of this sometimes complicated business from Costing and timesheets through to payment applications, VAT invoicing and cash receipt matching.  Fully integrated to the Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, Cashbook  and Payroll, Pegasus CIS conforms to the requirements and regulations of HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme, bringing astonishing efficiencies  to your contract management.

Manage your projects profitably, spot cost overruns at the earliest stage and chase overdue Applications and Certificates to ensure your projects are brought in on time and within budget.

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Pegasus CIS FD software sonstruction

Construction F.D.

Working closely with the MD, as the Financial Director my role is to have responsibility for all financial aspects, which with the incredibly tight profit margins on the jobs we take on,  means that customers payments need to be made on time to protect cashflow. Reporting is key so I can analyse figures and implement recommendations based on these findings,  with the most profitable outcome. A key role is to identify any project that is under performing at the earliest stage and implement actions to bring it back on track.

The effective reporting tools of Pegasus CIS makes the company’s day to day decision making more accurate.  By sharing this financial information with the project team we can improve project profitability and cashflow.  Budget and performance reporting is key to the financial health of this business.

Construction industry software for managing directors

Construction M.D.

As Managing Director I work closely with the design and planning teams.  A lot of my time is spent in regional offices or on some of the sites we are working on so access to  company data is key when I am out of the office.

Pricing is critical to winning new business in the highly competitive market in which we operate but profit and cashflow are equally important.  I need to get relevant data quickly from the system we use.

Pegasus CIS gives me what I need to make easier and more accurate day to day decisions. Using this powerful software encourages the management team to investigate possible options and bring me solutions with supporting recommendations.  I make the final decision based on ROI/value, input from my team and references from peers


Project Manager

As Project Manager I co‐ordinate and manage the activities of our site personnel and ensure adherence to all policies, procedures and health and safety rules. The role requires me to lead and motivate the internal team on site, but also to engage with subcontractors, external consultants and contractors, and attend client progress meetings.

My primary role is being able to monitor the progress of the contract and keep an eye on the budget and Pegusus Construction Industry Software (CIS) gives me all  the information I need in an easy to understand format.

I work closely with the purchasing team to ensure best value and that delivery schedules are attainable.  Pegasus CIS facilitates 360-degree visibility into our projects and frees up valuable time.