4 reasons why your computer may be running slowly

By Chris Lord|15th February 2016

snails running slowly

Do you know why your computer may be running slowly? Is it because I have too many photos, too many documents? Likely not!

Here are some reasons why your computer may be running slowly. Let’s run through them:

  • 1. Application Updates:
    Microsoft and other software vendors regularly release updates for their products. Your computer can then download and install these updates. They have many purposes but the main purpose is security. If the software vendor discovers a vulnerability in their software that could threaten the security of your computer, they will promptly investigate, document it and then release an update to fix it. Other purposes of these updates include bug fixes and also new product features. Your computer will, over time, install hundreds of updates from various software vendors and as a result can very gradually slow down your machine. But they are important and should not be avoided!
  • 2. Applications Installed:
    All programs are different and there is no one culprit, but as a general rule of thumb, the more programs you install on your computer, the more it will slow it down. Also, a lot of today’s applications like to launch every time your computer starts up; thus slowing down the process of you starting work on a morning.
  • 3. Computer Specification:
    Put simply, the more memory (RAM), the faster the hard drive and the more powerful the processor you have, the faster your computer will be. It is a very easy task to upgrade your RAM or hard drive, but not so easy to upgrade the processor.
  • 4. Threats:
    If your anti-virus software is not up-to-date or disabled or you simply don’t have any installed, you are particularly vulnerable to being infected by a threat (virus, malware, spyware, ransomware etc). A threat can (without you knowing) be running processes that really slow your machine down. Make sure this isn’t you!