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Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Protect Your Data with Amber Vault Cloud Backup Solutions

A company’s digital data is absolutely paramount to its operation!  With your data secure in our Tier 3 datacentre in Yorkshire, there will no longer be a need to manually back up your data and it will be encrypted on site, in our datacentre and whilst in transit, with your own private encryption key.  As a cloud service provider, the Amber Vault family of back-up solutions are for every business or organisation, no matter what size:

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Business class managed and monitored cloud backup solutions for virtual servers and critical workloads. Stores a complete image of your virtual servers in the cloud that can be restored in a handful of mouse clicks. Suitable for any company running a virtualised server infrastructure with a requirement for an offsite backup.

Cloud backup, Amber vault Lite

Backup Lite

An automatic cloud backup solution for critical files and folders. Ideal for backing up a critical application such as an accounting program or laptops containing important company data. Cost effective to ensure that no company should be without an offsite copy of their business-critical data.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Scheduled daily back up of your whole Microsoft  365 tenant (previously known as Office 365), including all your mailbox data, SharePoint site and OneDrive for Business files. Quick and easy to restore your whole organisation or a single e-mail or document.

Data Archiving

With data sizes increasing exponentially year on year, free up space and extend the life of your servers by migrating your historical data to the cloud.


Scheduled replication of virtual servers to the cloud which can be switched on instantly in a disaster situation. Failover provides instant connectivity to your business network via an automatic site to site VPN or an external dial in VPN if your office has suffered a disaster. Fall-back to production seamlessly when your primary servers are back on line.  Scalable monthly cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to choosing a cloud backup provider there are a myriad of options on offer but what should you be looking for? There are number of points that you need to consider before making the leap and trusting another company to look after your data.

  • How will they look after your data?
  • Simplicity and compatibility
  • Do they provide compression and deduplication?
  • What level of monitoring and support do they offer?

When talking about cloud there are 2 main types of cloud providers

Public Cloud – these providers primarily use Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. They don’t own any servers but take advantage of cheap storage offered to them by the public cloud to build their services on top of.
Public cloud services come from huge shared cloud platforms and tend to be reliable, but it is very difficult to know where in the world your data is being stored and how its being handled or secured. The provider relinquishes this responsibility to the public cloud provider.

Private Cloud – these providers either operate their own cloud server platforms or re-sell a service from another provider who does. Private cloud providers will be able to tell you exactly where your data is being stored and what security measures are in place to protect it. It is critical to make sure your data is stored in a secure, resilient data centre facility and not in the providers office. A Tier 3 data centre, with redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, network links and other IT components is the recommendation to ensure your data is fully protected.
Private cloud can also offer other benefits such as cloud backup seeding (which helps the provider get the first full backup of your data if there is too much to send across the internet) and quick physical access to your data if you should ever need it.

Simply put yes. Most businesses have multiple PC’s / Servers they need to back up therefore you can purchase a pool of cloud storage space in which you can store all of your cloud backups in the one location.

Our software takes advantage of high compression and deduplication algorithms. On average if you add up the size of all of the data you would like to back up to the cloud and divide by 2 this will give you a rough estimate of how much cloud storage space you will require.

No. You are able to backup any file formats and files of any size, providing you have the capacity in your cloud repository to do so.

Providing you have the software installed on the computer you are wanting to access them from then yes, you can restore files from your cloud backup from any computer with an internet connection.

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