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Cloud ERP software, Cloud accountingBrought to you by the Team that originally created Exchequer® and recently awarded “UK’s Best Mid-Market & Enterprise Accounting Software” at the Annual Accounting Excellence Awards.

iplicit is a finance and business system built specifically for The Cloud. Offering centralised data in one place, enabling you to analyse trends quickly and speed up decision making.

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cloud accounts integration

Built to integrate

With integration into VAT, Yodlee and Excel inbuilt into the software and with tools enabling you to configure and schedule your bespoke systems, Iplicit makes it straightforward to retain any existing systems you want to run alongside Iplicit.  It also includes bank statements and company payroll feeds.

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Customisable reporting

When reporting is key to you making sound business decisions, you need a software that makes it simple for you to get the data you need quickly.  Iplicit comes with a wide range of standard reports plus templates for you to create your own reports.  As you would expect you can also report through Excel directly from the software.

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Time saving features

Everyone agrees that time is a valuable commodity and no more so than when you are running a business.  With Iplicit you can set up workflows, schedule and carry out tasks automatically, such as sending invoices and statements. Colleagues are able to collaborate on documents from centrally stored files.

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Seamless upgrades

As there is one live version of the software upgrading is simple.  With smarter architecture, as a result of over 20 years’ experience in finance systems, it means that when a new version of Iplicit is deployed every user receives the upgrade, while preserving your customisation system-wide.

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Complete control

With user permissions you can set up each user with pre-defined roles, according to their responsibilities and requirements.  This carries through to when they are working at a desk or on a mobile device and whether they are working in Iplicit or using other applications that are integrated with Iplicit.

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Rapid implementation

With over 20 years’ experience in finance systems, the Iplicit design and approach to implementation avoids common pitfalls.  A fully functioning test environment can be ready in less  than a day to aid rapid implementation. You can be up-and-running in days, with assistance and training from our dedicated team.

The Benefits

Get the customisation and functionality you need to run your organisation efficiently, securely and cost effectively. From rapid implementation to a solution that meets your changing needs, Iplicit is your answer.

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