Avoid Phishing scams and protect yourself online

By Theresa Clark|30th July 2015

Online security and phishing spam

Internet security can affect anyone

The internet is part of most of our daily lives, for accessing our emails, researching or buying products or socially hanging out on social media. So it comes as no surprise that we can all be ‘vulnerable’ – so it’s not enough to purely have just anti-virus security measures in place.

We need to have a clear understanding of how to protect ourselves against internet fraud and phishing scams as cybercriminals are becoming even more sophisticated. It’s happening to financial institutions and not just individuals, as last year more than a billion dollars were stolen from banks worldwide.

We have designed our own infographic to remind you about these threats and how phishing scams can affect your business.

To protect yourself, get up to speed with how to avoid phishing scams and don’t be complacent.