Farewell to Ann

By Suzie Cowling|3rd January 2018

ann siddons retirement

I started working at DCS at the beginning of September 1989, when my youngest child Jonathan started school. DCS was then located just off Street Lane in Leeds, halfway between my house and the school so it was perfect.  I worked in the Maintenance department, which at the time consisted of Andrew Tones and 2 engineers, both called Richard.  However, my perfect situation was not to last, as in the following January we moved to larger premises Bowcliffe Hall in Bramham. However, I quickly got used to it, as it was a lovely place.

The company started to expand when the charming Patrick, who is now our managing director, joined us. I remember him coming for his interview, he sat in reception with nicely polished shoes and a coat folded over his knee, smiling away.  Sadly, our media manager Ian died in an accident and his replacement, Karen, was to become a very close lifelong friend.  DCS bought Autosystems and we acquired more staff, namely Noel Rogers, Krystyna Bialkowska, Michelle Dalton and Matthew Carter. The company kept on growing and we then moved to Boston Lodge in Boston. Spa.

I was still in the Maintenance Department, running the call desk but I wasn’t really happy as I was on the third floor and felt very isolated.  An opportunity came up in the sales department and I transferred and was much happier.  As well as being involved in sales, I looked after the purchasing for the company and found it most satisfying sourcing the right products at the right price!

I have seen many people come and go over the years and have seen the company grow.  It has felt like being part of a family working here and although I am looking forward to my retirement, I will miss everyone. I have no major plans for my retirement apart from to throw the alarm clock away!!  I never have been very good at getting out of bed in the mornings.

I suppose 28 years is a long time. The only people still here who have served longer than me are, of course, our wonderful Chairman Peter, the lovely Suzie and by just a few weeks our accounts expert, Sandra.

I’m sure DCS will continue to prosper and I wish everyone the very best. And so it’s goodbye from me……………………………………………………….