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Accounting Additions

Accounting  Add-ons & Additions

Need more than an accounting system? Looking for accounting add-ons for your existing accounts package Do you  want EPOS solutions; barcode and warehouse management; time and attendance systems; document management and MRP software that would integrate with and could extend the functionality of your accounts?

payroll time and attendance systems

Time & Attendance

Auto Time Time and Attendance software offers complete calculation of your employees’ hours of work and calculation of overtime.  It features real time services which allows users to  see who is in now, who should be working or if there’s any overtime that needs to be authorised.  The data can be transferred directly in your Pegasus Opera or Sage payroll at the click of a button. Get in touch to find out more about our accounting additions.

warehouse management software , accounts software

Warehouse Management

DCS offer a range of data capture solutions linking to Pegasus Opera, iQ from Intact and Advanced Exchequer accounts.  Our standard or bespoke barcode and warehouse management software includes bar-coding, hardware and labelling solutions which can be supplied to ensure a cost effective system.  The software allows you to efficiently undertake stocktakes, good receipts, picking orders and stock movements.

proof of delivery document managemnent scanning software

Document Management

With the ability to provide proof of delivery notes and account look up of supplier invoices, this centralising and streamlining document management system can dramatically improve user access and document security, not to mention reducing time spent by accounts staff and storage costs. HR departments can also take advantage of the features of this software, along with our warehouse management solutions.

MRP software Advanced Business Cloud Essentials

FactoryMaster MRP

DCS with FactoryMaster provide cost effective manufacturing software linked to your back office accounts system be it Pegasus Opera, Sage, Exchequer or iQ. With specialist knowledge in many division of manufacturing, FactoryMaster has been able to build a complete modular system that faces most of the issues that face manufacturing businesses today.

Integrated Webshop ecommerce software

Web Shop

E-commerce for wholesalers and distributors.  With real time integration that allows you to operate with your ERP software, including iQ from Intact.  This out of the box solution is fast, reliable and most cost effective way of getting your business online.  With easy and complete control of website content and full account history, this system is smartphone and tablet ready.

Mobile sales software for sales reps


Mobility for your salesforce.  Designed with the wholesale selling process in mind and with built in CRM. You can quickly and conveniently showcase your catalogue with images and descriptions, easily add and remove items to an order plus submit orders real time to your back office systems. All with a few simple taps. Introduce your sales team to the mobile age