25 and not out…

By Guy Brook|8th November 2019

Hardware support, Guy Brook 25 years service

In October I celebrated my 25th anniversary at DCS, after writing a post on LinkedIn about this, https://bit.ly/2XdWwNI .I was asked to expand on it for a Blog on our Website. Rather than thanking everyone again, I thought I’d explain, why I have chosen to stay at DCS for so long, especially in this time of people often moving jobs every few years for many different reasons.

Also to better answer the questions my post raised such as:-

Are you not ambitious?

Do you not get bored?

Why have you stayed so long?

To start with, I joined DCS at the age of 20 as a Junior Engineer, I had worked in the I.T. industry for 2 years, had been made redundant twice, but from the moment I started I felt at home and secure at DCS. Those feelings have never left me.

Yes, I was and I still am ambitious. I joined DCS to further my I.T. career, learn and grow, rising from Junior Engineer and growing with the company to my current role as Technical Manager. I am still learning and growing and I hope that continues for many years. My First MD said something to me when I was 18, “never lose your enthusiasm” and it’s been a good motto to live by.

I suppose I am fortunate working within the technology industry, with the speed that I.T advances, if you’re interested in tech you would be hard pushed to be ‘bored’. It is crazy to think the game-changer that was the birth of the World Wide Web happened only a few years before I started here at DCS. So taking that element alone, look how far it’s come in that space of time. As I have climbed my personal ladder here at DCS, it has also opened up so many more opportunities for me to train in new areas, that I tend to grab them with both hands to continue to further my development. Due to this, as well as Technical Manager, I am also the company Health & Safety Co-Ordinator, I provide logistic and event technical support, as well recently completing the training and passing 3 exams to oversee the upcoming installation of our new phone system, to name but a few of the things that prevent me getting ‘bored!’

As for why I have stayed so long is a hard thing to put into words. I have of course had the occasional wobble in wondering if it was time for me to move on, but I don’t think most of my colleagues would know that I have actually handed my notice in on more than one occasion! However, on each of these submissions, I have had a Director and MD that have taken the time to talk and listen to me and to help resolve my issues and I’m very pleased to say, let me retract my notice and remain at DCS.

I am ambitious, but I am also proud to say I am a family man with 2 children aged 10 & 13. DCS continues to give me what I think are two of the most important aspects of a career, a work-life balance and respect and they go hand in hand. With its traditional values, DCS really does feel like family and I am lucky to work for a company that understands the importance of family. I will often work longer than my contracted hours without hesitation because I know they will also be understanding if I have to leave early to get to a ‘Parents evening’ at school for example. We have mutual trust and respect which is a quality you may struggle to find these days with some employers. Not only that, I have no stressful commute to work twice a day, I can be at work/home in 10 minutes…with FREE parking!! Why wouldn’t I stay here for 25 years?! £2 a day parking for 25 years…that’s over £11k! 🙂

To put it all into one sentence, I fit DCS and it fits me.

Guy Brook

Technical Manager